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Unleash the Power Within – LA 2017

Chosen Foods was at UPW 2017, and we are super charged to impact change in our lives. We’d like to give back to all the attendees at UPW 2017 by offering one of our favorite products – our award winning Avocado Oil Spray – FREE to the first 200 attendees who write there address here.

Why Avocado Oil Spray?

IT’S SIMPLE. Only ONE ingredient, 100% Pure Avocado Oil.
IT’S SAFE. With a smoke point of 500 degrees, it’s great for high heat cooking.
IT’S NATURAL. Our Avocado Oil is cold-pressed and naturally refined.
IT’S PURE. No chemicals, propellants or emulsifiers.
IT’S VERSATILE. Pure oil means you can spray it directly on your food, not just your cookware.

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Offer Details: You will be notified within 24 hours of submission if you have received a free Chosen Foods Avocado Oil Spray.

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We support true nourishment through the rediscovery and accessibility of real food.

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