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Sesame Oil

Cold pressed, unrefined sesame oil adds authentic mild flavor to Asian dishes, but doesn't stop there. The health benefits of extra virgin sesame oil date back centuries, attributed to its powerful antioxidants sesamol and sesamin. The perfect finishing oil, add sesame oil to your dish after the heat has been turned off. It is ideal to drizzle over a stir-fry, add to soups or salad dressings, toss cooked vegetables with, or add flavor to pasta dishes This product is available in a 250 ML per bottle size.

Sesame seeds have an amazing nutritional background, and are high in manganese, calcium and magnesium. Here is a list of all of the fabulous nutrients packed inside a one ounce serving of sesame oil (28g):

Manganese – 0.7 mg. 35% RDA.
Copper – 0.7 mg. 35% RDA.
Calcium – 277 mg. 28% RDA.
Iron – 4.1 mg. 23% RDA.
Magnesium – 99.7 mg. 25% RDA.
Tryptophan – 93 mg.
Zinc – 2 mg. 13% RDA.
Fiber – 3.9 g. 16% RDA.
Thiamin – 0.2 mg. 15% RDA.
Vitamin B6 – 0.2 mg. 11% RDA.
Phosphorous – 179 mg. 18% RDA.
Protein – 4.7 g

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