Quinoa - Organic Royal White Quinoa



Organic Quinoa

This popular grain has a mild nutty flavor and can be enjoyed in both sweet and savory dishes. Chosen Foods quinoa is sourced from the indigenous Aymara people of Bolivia. They are farmers of a unique variety of Quinoa called "quinoa royal" or "royal Quinoa".

How to use Quinoa

Quinoa can be seamlessly integrated into your every day diet as an easy for swap for rice or oatmeal in your breakfast, lunch, or dinner recipes. 

As a seed, it is naturally gluten-free and contains more protein per percentage than rice or wheat. Quinoa also has double the calcium of wheat. In addition, the seed is high in fiber and won't spike blood sugar because it is a low gylemic food. It contains antioxidants which aid in tissue repair & growth.

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