Our Avocados

At the core of every Chosen Foods product is avocado, the powerful superfood found in all our oils, dressings, mayos, and sprays—and there are plenty of reasons why it’s our all-star ingredient.

Avocados are one of the world’s most nourishing, nutrition-packed foods, thanks to its high level of antioxidants, monounsaturated fats (the healthy kind that boost brain and heart health), and fiber to keep you fuller, more satisfied, and less hangry. Think of it as nature’s most magical fruit. (Did you know it’s a member of the berry family?)

Chosen Foods uses 350 million hand-harvested avocados a year, working closely with our famers in Michoacán, Mexico, where our Hass avocados grow in the optimal climate and elevation. They’re naturally irrigated by rainfall, saving thousands of gallons of water every year compared to California ‘cados. And thanks to their thick skin and safe location atop huge trees, they’re safe from any critters, too. Our avocados are never sprayed, and every Chosen Foods product is non-GMO verified. No tinkering with the avocado’s natural genetic makeup—ever. So how is our avocado oil made?

From the grove we sort and clean the avocados, separate the seed and skin from the pulp, and expeller-press the creamy core. Our gentle refining process means goodbye, chlorophyll, waxes, and sediments and hello, Vitamin E and Beta-sitosterol, a potent antioxidant that helps lower cholesterol. What comes next? That super smooth avocado oil that is the foundation of so many Chosen Foods products.

We’ve created a mild, cook-with-anything flavor that’s wholesome, healthy, and wildly versatile, whether you’re sautéeing, baking, or broiling. And don’t worry about those high temps—our avocado oil touts a smoke point of 500°F! It can elevate the most basic of meals, from a drizzle of our chipotle ranch dressing on salads to creating the perfect texture in banana bread or subbing in healthier wasabi mayo in deviled eggs. The possibilities are endless, with every better-for-you meal circling back to the humble superfood.

That’s why we’re all about the avocado. It’s the nourishing boost that makes us excited to cook, curious to experiment, and happy to know we’re making a positive impact on our bodies with real food. Pure ingredient, pure intention.

See what we mean? Avo-obsessed!