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Purity is in our DNA

At Chosen Foods, we take pride in our products and consumer trust has been our #1 priority since day one. That is why we guarantee every bottle of our 100% pure avocado oil is exactly that, 100% pure – never fake or mixed with seed oils.

How our Avocado Oil is Made


Avocados are Picked and Sorted

Our hardworking farmers in Mexico, and across the globe, pick our avocados.


Avocados are Pressed and Filtered

Avocados are pressed to extract the maximum amount of oil. The avocado mixture is then run through a filter to separate the oil from the solids.


Avocado Oil is Naturally Refined

The pure avocado oil is stored in a tank at our refining facility where it is monitored, the temperature is dropped, and impurities are removed. This protects the quality and stability of the oil.


Avocado Oil is Inspected and Bottled

After the oil is inspected and quality approved, it advances to the bottling lines to be filled into bottles and prepared to be shipped out to our customers.

How Chosen Foods Guarantees the purity and quality of our avocado oil

Tracing and Testing

Since day one, we’ve tested every batch of avocado oil that we produce and trace our supply to ensure the highest purity and quality standards. That means that in every bottle of avocado oil, you’re getting only the good stuff from avocados.

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Ongoing Purity Testing

• Internally test and validate every batch

• Externally test quarterly

We test every batch of oil to make sure our products only contain 100% pure avocado oil. Our testing is done by analyzing our oil's fatty acid profile to ensure that it is in fact 100% pure avocado oil. Every oil (avocado, olive, canola, sunflower, etc.) has its own fatty acid profile that is unique and specific. By using this testing method, we can verify our oil's purity in every batch we produce, so consumers can trust that our oil is exactly what we claim – 100% pure avocado oil. To learn more about the process of making pure avocado oil, view our recent blog post, How Avocado Oil is Made.

Studies About Chosen Foods Pure Avocado Oil

UC Davis Study

In 2020, UC Davis tested avocado oil brands to see which brands were actually pure & not adulterated with other oils. Chosen Foods was one of only two brands that were verified pure & non-oxidized avocado oils. View this study for more information about purity & real avocado oil brands.


Help Chosen Foods Take Action

We feel it’s important to advocate for consumers’ right to transparency. For those who are interested in taking action, we’ve gathered resources and a sample letter that anyone can use to reach out to their congressperson and ask for increased regulation to ensure transparent labeling for all avocado oil products.

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