“We start from within, caring for and about our employees as if they were family. After all, they are the ones building this business every day. From there it radiates out: to our local community and those of our farmers and producers. We strive to create a healthy and wholesome environment for all the lives our business touches directly. When we do this, we increase the health of our global family.”

- The Chosen Foods Family

a word to our applicants

If you have applied to an open position for Chosen Foods, please be sure to check that you have not been a victim of phishing since many of the top hiring platforms have been experiencing an increase in phishing or false job listings. Unfortunately, fraudulent email messages referred to as "phishing" are becoming more common in the hiring process, so we want to assure you that Chosen Foods will never do any of the following:

01. We will ONLY communicate with you via the preferred method of contact you chose during your application.

Below are some emails you may receive HR correspondence from:

02. We will NOT contact you for an interview over Google Hangouts. A member of Chosen Foods will not email you from a address or address.

03. We will NEVER ask you to purchase anything for your job during the application process.

If you believe you have been contacted incorrectly or are experiencing any of the above, please contact our support team.

truly a family

We are driven by a belief in the power of food to bring people together. That’s why the heart and life force of our office is the kitchen. It’s what brings people together. Anywhere, anytime. We reach your heart through food and understanding comes through sharing food. We believe delicious food is a unifier.


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