Become the Best Version of Yourself in 21 Days

Become the Best Version of Yourself in 21 Days


One of our Ambassadors, Emily Schromm, has combined her love for fitness and nutrition by creating an amazing online 21-Day Challenge that helps you become the best version of yourself. Emily is a personal trainer, CrossFit Coach, and nutrition guru from Denver, Colorado. When you take part in the challenge you will receive a video via email each day. Half of the videos are at-home workouts that you can do with dumbbells and modify to any level, and the other half of the videos are nutritional videos that will provide education on your body, the foods you need (or DON’T need) and why you need them. You will log your points every night to hold yourself accountable. There are a few categories for points, but the focus is on moving every day, water intake, and sugar intake.

This will be Emily’s 8th Challenge, and the results for her clients have been amazing. We love this challenge because it is not about weight loss, it is about a LIFE transformation to get you feeling like YOUR OWN SUPERHERO. Did we mention that the sign up fee is only $21? That’s only $1 per day!

The next Challenge begins on February 22nd – don’t miss out! You can sign up for the challenge here or head over to Emily’s website to learn more. If you need more information or have questions, you can send Emily an email to [email protected].


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