What’s the Deal with Harissa?

Harissa Paste

You may have noticed harissa popping up all over the place – on trendy restaurant menus and even in our Avocado Oil Mayo! We added it for several reasons and we’ll break it all down for you.

The Origin

Pronounced “ha-riss-ah”, this paste adds a spicy kick to our traditional Avocado Oil Mayo. Originating from Northern Africa and the Middle East, the paste was mixed with water to be used in stews, soups or as a dip with bread. The paste is said to be comparable with the notoriety of ketchup in America with the spiciness of sriracha. The Libyan culture equates harissa to mustard rather than ketchup adding it to just about anything from pizza to tuna sandwiches.

Harissa Paste2

The Benefits

Harissa is traditionally a blend of dried red chilis, garlic salt paste, caraway seed and coriander seed. The spicy chili peppers contain something called capsaicin which acts as an anti-inflammatory while also working to clear up your sinuses. Caraway offers a bit of a sweeter flavor and works as an anti-flatulent – you’re welcome. 😉 Coriander provides a spicy, peppery flavor to the blend and is notorious for its antioxidant properties loaded with tons of potassium. To top it off, unlike traditional condiments, our Harissa Avocado Oil Mayo is soy-free, canola-free, Non-GMO, gluten-free and Paleo friendly. Score!

Harissa Mayo

The Uses

What should you pair with this tasty mayonnaise? The better question is, what shouldn’t you pair with it? It is the perfect alternative to ketchup or mustard when you’re craving more flavor and want the perk of some additional health benefits. It pairs impeccably with seafood, chicken and beef and makes an excellent spread for sandwiches and burgers. The opportunities are endless. Dip it, spread it, love it.

Try it in this crazy good recipe for harissa carrots.


harissa carrots

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