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Where to Buy Avocado Oil In-Store and Online - Chosen Foods

If it isn’t already, avocado oil is sure to quickly become a staple in your kitchen and beauty routine. This antioxidant rich and heart healthy oil has so many benefits for your recipes, face and body that the only thing you’ll be worried about will be running out. Luckily, it is easy to find once you know where to buy avocado oil.

Know Before You Buy

Before you buy avocado oil, especially if you’re planning to shop online, it’s important to know what you’re looking for. First, it’s important to make sure you’re buying expeller pressed avocado oil. Expeller pressed avocado oil is made manually – not with chemicals, so it is naturally purer and lower in acid. Since it is less processed, it is also naturally higher in nutrients and antioxidants.

Should You Buy Organic Avocado Oil?

While it’s extremely important <i>how</i> your avocado oil is made, you may be surprised to know this is one kitchen staple you don’t need to buy organic. Avocados are a member of the Clean 15, which mean that they aren’t at risk of passing along farming pesticides normally kept off organic fruit. Thanks to a thick skin, any harmful toxins end up in the trash with the rest of the avocado peel long before our gentle refining process.

Where to Buy Avocado Oil In Store

Looking to pick up some avocado oil for dinner tonight? You can find avocado oil in many grocery stores, local to your area. We’ll share a few places we know that you can find our cold-pressed, naturally refined organic avocado oil so you know before you go.


Looking to get avocado oil delivered? Target offers free grocery delivery service in California, Illinois and Minnesota, including our avocado oil! Check your local Target for details.


You can find Chosen Foods Avocado Oil at Walmart, in bulk options as well as small, grab-and-go size. They also carry our easy-to-use Avocado Oil Spray.


Need to buy avocado oil in bulk? Costco has got you covered! Costco carries our one liter bottle for a great price if you’re looking to stock up.

Didn’t see a store near you?

We’ve got a handy store locator so you can find somewhere close by to pick up a bottle. Get a full list of our in store retailers by clicking here.

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Where to Buy Avocado Oil Online


Like most things in life at this point, you can order avocado oil from Amazon. Their same day shipping program is live in many major metros, and 2 day free shipping for Prime members makes it easy to get your hands on a bottle by dinner tomorrow.


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