Avocado Oil FAQ

Avocado Oil FAQ's


Q: Is Chosen Foods Avocado Oil refined?

A: Yes, our avocado oil is refined, but without the dangerous chemicals that can be used in some oil refining procesess.

Q:How is Chosen Foods Avocado Oil Refined?

A: By definition, refined oils are often called cooking oils – exactly what our avocado oil is intended for. We utilize a low heat proprietary process to extract the impurities in the oil that lower smoke point. We never use any chemicals, solvents, caustic soda or other harmful agents. 

By gently refining our oil, we are able to remove the chlorophyll, waxes, sediments and free fatty acids in the oil,and achieve an incredible, buttery tasting cooking oil. Our processing is so unique we are able to retain 80% of the beta-stisterol found in virgin avocado oil, as well as 60% of the vitamin E! 

As a general rule, unrefined oils should not be used to cook at high temperatures. Unrefined oils can turn into trans fats at high heats.

Q: How is Chosen Foods Avocado Oil extracted?

A: There are 3 common oil extraction methods of seeds and fruits: expelling, using a centrifuge, and using solvents. Chosen Foods does NOT use solvents, which are poisonous chemicals.

Delicate oils, and those with subtle flavor nuances, like Avocado oil, need to be treated with great care in processing. Only mechanical means are used to extract the oil, with strict temperature control maintained at all times.

Q: Why cook with Chosen Foods Avocado Oil?

A: On top of the many health benefits of avocados, avocado oil has an exceptionally high smoke point. Cooking with oils at temperatures above their set smoke point can create trans fats – a leading contributor to heart disease, cancer and other chronic health conditions. Protect your heart and health with avocado oil.

Q: What does Avocado Oil taste like?

A: Chosen Foods avocado oil has a clean, mild flavor with just a hint of nuttiness. It does not taste like avocados. It will feel smooth and light in texture. Some people even say our avocado oil has a slight buttery feel to it in texture.

Q: Is Chosen Foods Avocado Oil “cold-pressed”?

A: Our avocado oil is processed at temperatures below 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Some high heat cooking oils are processed at over 500 degrees, which destroys the flavor profile and most of the nutritional benefits.

Q: Why is smoke point important?

A: Using a cooking oil with a high smoke point prevents toxins, radicals and decomposed materials from ending up in your food. When oil is heated past its smoke point it begins to break down creating unhealthy characteristics in your food. Chosen Foods avocado oil has a smoke point of 500 degrees, making it safe to cook with at very high temperatures.

Q:  How should I use Chosen Foods Avocado Oil?

A: Its the healthiest oil you can use when cooking at high heat, like stir-fry, bbq, broil or roasting. But because our oil has such a mild, pleasant taste and mouth feel, we recommend using it in all kinds of applications!

Store bought salad dressings are almost always made from canola/vegetable oil. Try making your own dressing with avocado oil for a much healthier salad. We recommend using it in sauces, dressings, marinades and desserts. Good, high quality olive oil can be expensive and strongly flavored. Avocado oil is the perfect heart healthy replacement. It is an all purpose oil with amazing health benefits!

  Q: Doesn’t canola oil have a high smoke point?

A: Canola oil is the most common of all cooking oils. Its smoke point is around 400 degrees, high enough to saute, deep fry or bake with. The danger with canola oil lies in its processing and its polyunsaturated fatty acid content. Oils high in polyunsaturated fats quickly oxidize, or spoil, under exposure to light or heat. So while the smoke point of the oil may be high, the high ratio of polyunsaturated fat cause the oil to be an unstable cooking choice. 

  Q: Why is canola oil usually considered an unhealthy oil?

Canola comes from the rapeseed, a poisonous seed that has been genetically modified to contain FDA approved levels of euric acid. The seed is then soaked in chemical solvent – usually hexane – to help extract the oil. After the oil has been chemically extracted, its washed in caustic soda and boiled at high temperatures to remove the last traces of chemicals and impurities. There is almost always traces left behind. By the time canola oil reaches your kitchen, it is likely rancid, full of free radicals and almost certainly sourced from GMO’s. 

Chosen Foods Avocado Oil is processed naturally and NON-GMO project verified.  The safe, chemical free refining process of Chosen Foods oil removes the impurities that causes oil to become rancid.  

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