Tried Tested True Nutrition

Tried. Tested. True Nutrition.™


Chosen Foods is committed to bringing you super foods, all with unique health benefits, from all across the world. These products have been used for centuries by ancient cultures and their health benefits have stood the test of time. 


At Chosen Foods, we believe that food has the power to heal and that you deserve complete and total transparency from your food provider. Unfortunately, lack of regulatory resources coupled with the millions of consumer food products on the market makes it impossible to investigate each misleading or dishonest claim. So what can we do?

We can commit to providing our customers the real, hard, proof that our products are what we say they are. That’s why we make all our 3rd party lab data available for download. That’s why we give you access to the EXACT nutrition data and certificate of analysis for each lot of chia seeds we grow, instead of “generic standards”. Our hope is that our customers will expect this level of transparency from all their food suppliers, holding everyone to a higher standard.

True Nutrition.

What is best for our health seems to be confusing and we’re trying to simplify it. Our goal is to provide products and education that empower you to make conscious choices to improve your health.

We want you to feel good about what you're eating.
We want you to feel good about where your food comes from.
We want you to experience true nutrition for disease free living.


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