Verified Quality


Verified Quality is our commitment to provide functional foods that we believe are inherently nourishing and to prove to you EXACTLY why. Our journey towards this commitment began with our unique brand of avocado oil.

A few years ago, avocado oil was new to the retail grocery market. There was little information out there, especially about avocado oil as a culinary product, and information seemed to be conflicting. Chosen Foods had completed every test under the sun on our own product - we knew how healthy and versatile it was. But we wanted to learn about other avocado oil products – so we tested them too. We hoped this would help us make sense of the conflicting claims, and teach us a bit more about our growing industry.

What we found surprised us. False claims about nutrition values and inaccurate smoke points were just the start. A number of the avocado oils that we tested weren’t avocado oil at all. Canola, sunflower and soybean oil are a few of the lower quality and potentially dangerous oils we came across in bottles marked “Avocado Oil”.

At Chosen Foods, we believe that food has the power to heal and that you deserve complete and total transparency from your food provider.

Unfortunately, lack of regulatory resources, coupled with the millions of consumer food products on the market makes it impossible to investigate each misleading or dishonest claim.
So what could we do?

We can’t change the industry overnight. But we can commit to providing our customers the real, hard, proof that our products are what we say they are. That’s why we make all our 3rd party lab data available. That’s why we give you access to the exact nutrition data and certificate of analysis for each lot of chia seeds we grow. Our hope is that our customers will expect this level of transparency from all their food suppliers, holding everyone to a higher standard.

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