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Bulk Chia Seeds

Buying bulk chia seeds (also called salvia hispanica) is an excellent way to save on this popular superfood. Our black aztec chia is organically grown and chemical free. Most grocery stores sell chia seeds for around $12/lb! Because chia seeds have a 5 year shelf life, it is very reasonable to purchase in quantities of 10 lbs and 25 lbs. Chosen Foods chia is grown in Mexico and is Non-GMO verified.

These raw whole chia seeds are food grade, which make them a great addition to meals and drinks! Food manufacturer’s like bakeries, juice companies, health food restaurants and more can all save a great deal by buying chia seeds in bulk. If you are wondering where to buy chia, the best answer to this is to buy chia seeds online. 

Nutrition Business Journal estimates that total consumer sales of products containing chia (functional food and supplements) will grow as much as another 160 percent, after a 90% increase in 2012. ”While many of the finished products we’re seeing on the market have latched on to omega-3 claims, chia’s high fiber content and satiating effect lend the ingredient to other in-demand health claims. A recent survey showed that as many as 87 percent of American consumers believe it’s important to get enough fiber in their diets and 44 percent want to get that fiber through finished products with high fiber content. 

Still unsure? Check out our blog article 5 Reasons to Buy Bulk Chia Seeds.

OEM & Wholesale

Limit 250lbs per order. To order more, please contact us directly at [email protected] to arrange shipping. 

Chosen Foods offers a variety of quantities for OEM & Wholesale customers. Please contact [email protected] for a price quote on pallets or truckload quantities of chia seeds for your business.

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