Guajillo-Pasilla Grilled Prawns

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Guajillo-Pasilla Grilled Shrimp

Guajillo-Pasilla Grilled Prawns

Get ready to fire up that grill! These Guajillo-Pasilla Grilled Prawns are an easy, quick and flavorful summer cookout recipe. Guajillo-Pasilla Simmer Sauce spices up this marinade adding the perfect amount of savory, smokey flavors for a zesty, mouth-watering combo. 

Prep Time
: 20 minutes
Serves: 4



  1. In a medium bowl, combine simmer sauce, juice of one lime, garlic, parsley, avocado oil and honey to make the marinade. Set aside.
  2. Prep and clean the prawns, removing the legs and head. With a sharp knife, cut an incision along the back of the prawn and butterfly the prawn without cutting through the shell.
  3. Skewer the butterflied prawns with 2 skewers to stabilize them and make it easier for the grilling portion.
  4. Brush the marinade on both sides and grill for a minute on the shell and then flip them and grill for another 30 seconds to a minute to get the grill marks.
  5. Carefully remove the cooked Guajillo-Pasilla shrimp from the skewers and place on a platter. Squeeze some fresh lime juice on top and serve hot with leftover lime wedges as a garnish.