4 Tips for Healthy Summer Grilling

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Healthy Summer Grilling


What better way to celebrate the start of summer than by breaking out the trusty grill? Follow the healthy summer grilling tips below and you’ll be on your way to delicious, nutritious, grilled food all summer long!

1. Always Start CLEAN

If its been awhile since you’ve used your grill, before you start her up, a good clean is necessary. Left over charred food on the grates, old degraded oils, germs and who knows what else could be lingering. 

2. Marinate

One of the main health concerns when grilling is the potential carcinogens. Studies have shown that meat that has been marinated will develop less of these carcinogens. Healthy and delicious marinades are easy to find! Search the internet for a favorite flavor, or get creative!

3. Use the Right Cooking Oil

Grills and the food in them can get very hot. When oils are heated past their smoke point they begin to degrade, create free radicals and other toxins. Yuck! A high heat cooking oil like avocado oil is the perfect grilling oil. With a sky high smoke point, you can be sure the oil can handle serious grilling temps. Use avocado oil when making your marinades too! Grilling a steak? Brush the meat with avocado oil – not the grill grates. Oil will act as a lubricant, giving you those clean char lines on your steak. But a low smoke point oil like olive or coconut will quickly burn off and become unhealthy.

4. Mix it Up

Sure, burgers, steak, chicken and sausage are grilling staples, but have you ever grilled a peach? What about toasting a head of romaine lettuce for a warm flavorful salad? Make sure to throw just as many fruits and veggies onto your grill as you do protein to keep a balance diet.