Chosen Heritage: Learn more about our Chosen craftsmen and women

Chosen Team


Señor José Luis González Iñigo

A founder, a father, an entrepreneur, and an inspiration. Señor José Luis González Iñigo, is a self made business man embodying strong family values, deep ties to the Mexican community, and a passionate commitment to his craft.

Señor Jose Luis is the founder of Sesajal, our parent company in Mexico, whose heritage and values have become deeply intertwined with ours. From humble beginnings selling denim in the textile industry to playing professional baseball and ultimately trailblazing the food and agricultural industry with the establishment of Sesajal (one of the largest producers and exporters of seeds and oils in the world), Señor Jose Luis has always been driven by a tireless passion.

Inspired by his family values, Señor Jose Luis has made his mark on the world for the better by supporting farming families and communities, donating to over 20 local charities, and implementing initiatives to improve his employees lives at Sesajal. Over 3 decades ago, Señor Jose Luis started the Iñigo González Foundation, with a desire to improve the quality of life farmers and agricultural workers in Mexico by offering resources and tools to thrive.

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Maria Covarrubias

Since she was a child in Mexico, Chef Maria has been feeding her passion by cooking for others. A true visionary in the kitchen, Maria Covarrubias has been inspired by the flavors, taste, and power of food from a young age. 

This inspiration for the culinary arts began with the lessons from her grandmother. Her upbringing in Guadalajara, gave her a profound understanding of the importance of fresh and local ingredients. What brings Chef Maria joy is cooking for others and letting these fresh ingredients shine through her work and nourish her young daughter, family, and friends.

As a professionally trained chef, Maria worked under Thomas Keller's restaurant group for over 3 years both in Napa Valley and NYC. She's now brought those skills into the Chosen Foods kitchen as the Culinary Specialist ensuring that fresh, local and seasonal ingredients are always a priority.

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Alberto Hernandez

As a third generation hat-maker, Alberto learned the tricks of the trade from family when he was just 12 years old. In 2006, Alberto began his journey traveling to “The City Of Dreams” to become an icon amongst his peers, he honed his craft of designing premier hats to a level only a few have the privilege to achieve. With a push from his loving family and friends he decided to start his own company in 2018 with a vision to produce a product with unparalleled quality and character. From that day on, Alberto's shop and brand Meshika was born.

In the early days, Alberto pulled inspiration from the classic Clint Eastwood Hollywood film, "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly." He was specifically drawn to those western styles - the dirty, worn and aged look but hats that evoked so much personality.

Through hard work, dedication and mastery to his craft, patience, love, and a supportive community he’s inspired by how his work makes people feel about themselves.

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