Speciality Oil - Extra Virgin Avocado Oil



Cold Pressed Virgin Avocado Oil

This fantastic finishing oil is carefully cold pressed from hand picked Mexican Hass avocados. Virgin Avocado Oil has a bold flavor and a deep green color and should be enjoyed as a salad dressing, finishing oil, or in a sauce. As an extra virgin variety, this oil contains the highest amounts of beta-stisterol and vitamin E found in any avocado oil product.  This cold pressed oil is extracted using zero chemicals, solvents or hexane. 

A Beautiful Finishing Oil

This gourmet oil is the perfect compliment to your salads and soups, with a strong avocado flavor and deep green color. Virgin oils are best used for cooking applications using low to medium heat.

Nutrient Dense, Antioxidant Rich

Virgin Avocado Oil is one of the healthiest oils available. It contains high levels of heart-healthy fats, and recent research suggests diets high in monounsaturated fat may help reduce or prevent heart disease. This extra-virgin variety also contains natural vitamin E and the cardio-protective, anti-inflammatory agent beta-sitisterol.

This product is available in a 250 ML per bottle size.

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