Chosen Heritage: a series spotlighting craftsmen and women of Mexican heritage

Chosen Team

Here in the states, Cinco de Mayo is a holiday celebrated with mouthfuls of guacamole and bottomless margaritas (we've got you covered for the former, check out our hand scooped guacamole exclusively available at Sprouts Farmers Markets). And yes, please do enjoy those classic May 5th traditions, but at Chosen Foods we wanted to go deeper as a Mexican owned and inspired superfood company. Our intention for Cinco de Mayo is to expand the aperture of what it means to us here, north of border, and truly honor what sparked our celebratory practice south of the border.

We invite you to join us as we celebrate artists, entrepreneurs, pioneers, and flag bearers of Mexican heritage. From traditional milliner to high level culinary creation, these chosen profiles are creating community impact drawing from their Mexican heritage and traditions.

Follow along for the full series here on YouTube or read on to learn more about our story and why we created this series.

At Chosen Foods, our roots as a superfoods provider are in our DNA. These incredible foods that matter to our bodies and surely our families are why we continue to serve the global community with passion and love. Ten years ago, our Southern Californian co-founders saw the value in the agricultural gifts being grown in Mexico. The unique multi-climate landscapes yield some of the most potent and biologically useful foods, so our fearless founders got to work. Sourcing everything from goji berries to chia to the all mighty avocado, these “chosen superfoods” were introduced to the United States. Focusing on the holistic power of avocados, they started a revolution. We continue to write our history as we look to continue to grow, serve and support the incredible cross-border relationship with our partners in Mexico.


As we kick off our Cinco de Mayo celebration, we leave you with inspirational words from our CEO and Chairman, Gabriel Perez-Krieb, "What makes each of us so special, is what makes us different. At Chosen Foods, we are a Mexican-American collective of creatives, inspired by our varying backgrounds, perspectives and cultures. Our goal is to be more than a food company, rather a catalyst for connection where food happens to enhance how we share our stories."

Now as they say in Hollywood, “Roll it!”  For more info about the Chosen Mexican and Mexican-American craftsmen and women highlighted in this series click here.