Introducing Chosen Foods New Dip & Drizzle Sauces

Chosen Team

Chosen Foods, America’s #1 Avocado Oil and Spray brand*, is proud to unveil its latest product line: Dip & Drizzle SaucesOur Chicken Sauce, Burger Sauce and Everything Bagel Sauce are made with good fats from avocados, 100% pure avocado oil, and simple ingredients. Say goodbye to seed oils and artificial flavors as we bring restaurant-inspired, bold flavors right to your kitchen table. 

Chosen Foods Drizzle & Dipping Sauces

Dipping & Drizzling Sauces Made With 100% Pure Avocado Oil 

When it comes to our new Dip & Drizzle Sauces, purity and quality are non-negotiable. Here's what sets these dipping sauces apart:

Good Fats from Avocados:

    100% Pure Avocado Oil - No Seed Oils

    • Unlike many sauces on the market, ours are free from seed oils like canola or soybean oil. 

    Simple Ingredients:

    • We believe in keeping things simple and clean. You won't find any artificial ingredients here. 


    • We're committed to using non-GMO ingredients in all our products. 


      Chicken Sauce

      Chosen Foods Chicken Sauce is great with nuggets & wings to knives-out-chicken dinners & more. Try our Dipping Sauce, made with 100% Pure Avocado Oil.

      Indulge in the bold flavors of our Chicken Sauce, featuring a perfect balance of sweetness and mustardy kick. Whether you're serving up nuggets or preparing a knife-out chicken dinner, this dipping sauce has got you covered. 

      Burger Sauce

      Chosen Foods Burger Sauce

      This secret sauce is what happens when sweetness gets tangled up with tangy, mustardy, oniony, zippy goodness. With a touch of vinegar for added zest, our Burger Sauce takes your burger game to a whole new level. 

      Everything Bagel Sauce

      Chosen Foods Everything Bagel Sauce

      Ever wish you could just bottle up an everything bagel and drizzle it on anything? We did that with this new dipping sauce. Packed with creamy, garlicky goodness and a satisfying pop of poppy seeds, this Everything Bagel Sauce is ready for, well, everything! 

      Try Recipes with Chosen Foods Dip & Drizzle Sauces 

      1. Fried Chicken and Waffles Sandwich Recipe with Chicken Sauce 
      2. Cheeseburger Pizza Recipe with Burger Sauce 
      3. Air Fryer Salmon Recipe with Everything Sauce 

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